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"Oil & Gas Consulting and Resource Development"


Petrokana provides exceptional case study or investigation in defined specialized areas with uncertainties and evaluation from initial resource to phased development and from subsurface to surface, we deliver authenticated results that is reliable and responsible:
Reservoir Description
• Deposition System
• Petrophysical Interpretation
• Fractures and Faults
• Reserves Estimation
• Audit
• Expert Witness
Development Scheme Screening & Feasibility
• Technical
• Economic Analysis
• Risk Analysis
Reservoir Simulation
• Frame Work and Workflow
• Sector or Field Scale Model Construction
• History Match
• Production Forecast -Well and Field level
• Recovery Scenario Analysis
Surface Facilities Engineering Design
Document Authentication Petrokana can authenticate your document, report and work that contain complete technical information, and enable it legally practice in Alberta, Canada or other countries/regions where is applicable with thorough review. If: 1) your company or you don’t have the permit and or professional members in Alberta or Canada; 2) your company or you are looking for a third party (independent) review or required by the other party to increase the reliability or accountability of your company and the document; 3) you are outside of Canada or Alberta and have done a complete study, engineering work or design. 4) or what is the case.

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